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Satiago Sifre

Satiago Sifre

D.O.M. L.Ac.

Santiago graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture, Pharmacy and Health Sciences (1996) and was mentored by Chinese master Tomas Tam. He is a highly skilled diagnostician and eclectic practitioner with a significant level of experience in areas such as pain and inflammation, degenerative diseases and diabetes, pediatrics and obstetrics, and mood (anxiety-depression) and stress-related disorders. His specialty is person-centered, comprehensive medical acupuncture. Santiago worked as an acupuncture physician and researcher at the University of Miami School of Medicine and at Community Healthcare of Broward, where he headed the HIV acupuncture program. He also has an extensive background in public health research and consulting, as well as a particular interest in the practical and clinical application of classical Eastern philosophy and motivational strategies. He has done extensive work in institutional settings as a clinician and consultant, and has practiced and taught Tai Chi, meditation and Qigong since 1986.

“My goal is to provide the highest standards and most advanced level of evidence-based, comprehensive acupuncture clinical practice and guide my patients to the best health they can achieve through both my care and the care of other highly regarded practitioners…”

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