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Larisa Alonso

Larisa Alonso

Nutritionist - MS, CNS, LN

Larisa Alonso, MS, CNS, LN has a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from Cornell University and a Masters of Science degree in nutrition and immunology from the University of Texas. She is a licensed nutritionist in the State of Washington and Florida as well as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She has published on the relationship between nutrition and prostate cancer, nutrition and food allergies. She has been on the editorial staff of The Original Internist, the official publication of the American Integrated Medical Association. She has also been trained in the theory and practice of Asian massage at the Academy of Massage Therapy in Englewood, NJ.

Larisa has worked in the field of nutrition for over 15 years and has worked alongside an integrative medical team of medical doctors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and exercise physiologists.
She was the nutritionist at Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach working alongside an integrative medical team. She is a member of the Weston Price Foundation, Slow Foods Miami and Slow Foods Glades to Coast and the American College of Nutrition.

Each session is individualized to provide optimal results using the inherent healing abilities and unique biochemistry of the client. Larisa’s nutrition philosophy is based on education of the client, emphasizing whole, unprocessed, organic foods as well as using nutritional supplementation to provide additional support in achieving health and vitality.

“Larisa encourages individuals to develop a lifelong, healthy, and conscious relationship with food by understanding where their food comes from and how proper nourishment is key to their optimal wellness”.

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